Solstice, centre de thérapies

Dans le cadre de nos portes ouvertes, nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir:

  • Brigitte DOHMEN – Psychologue et psychothérapeute psychanalytique à médiations
  • Sander KIRSCH – Psychothérapeute psychanalytique à médiations

La conférence aura lieu de 13 à 15 heures et sera suivie par un verre de clôture.

Adresse: 29, rue du Brun Chêne – 6032 Mont-sur-Marchienne

Participation : 5,00 € (à payer sur place).

Inscription: – Réservations souhaitées avant le 15 juin (places limitées)

les vidéos de la fête de 20 ans de l'APAN

Les vidéos de la journée du 22 octobre 2016

L’association pour la Préparation Affective à la Naissance® a fêté ses 20 ans d’accompagnement affectif du bébé et de ses parents de la grossesse à la marche.

À cette occasion, elle s’est penché sur la question de la vie psychique du bébé dès sa vie prénatale et celle de comment aider ses parents à l’accompagner en tenant compte de ces aspects.

Visionner les vidéos de la fête de 20 ans de l’APAN

Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth®

Loving Touch is another way to practice haptonomy.

Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth encourages a couple to live pregnancy and birth together and in the pleasure of welcoming their baby.

Its origins are in haptonomy (the science of an affectionate and securing touch) from which it has in common all the aspects of the affectionate relation of a couple with their baby.

Starting in the first trimester of pregnancy, the parents’ Loving Touch relation develops out of different games of interaction, thanks to their touch, their voice, their presence.

It also proposes a preparation for labour and delivery for which the objective is to develop the confidence of the mother in her potential to bring her baby into the world in total security. A mother, accompanied and reassured, will find the necessary inner resource face fear and pain, especially if she has chosen natural childbirth. This preparation also permits fathers who want it, to be more actively involved. In this way the baby will feel guided and accompanied by his two parents all through labour and delivery.

This approach can continue by a loving support through play for the baby’s development from birth to walking, whose goal is to help the baby develop confidence in him or herself.

It is hard to find the right words to describe the happiness, courage, depth, emotions…that each visit to you brought in our lives.  I would simply say thank you, but “with a great big one” as children would say.  With love..
Not knowing is a terrible anxiety. When someone answers my questions, it is much easier to evaluate the path to take… and to realize that, in reality, I am not the first one to take it.  Thank you also to have given me a role in this status of father, which sometimes doesn’t feel so meaningful.
Loving Touch Preparation was a very enriching experience for us in our first pregnancy and we really wanted to go through the experience again for our second pregnancy. It was extremely important for us.