“Loving Touch Preparation was a very enriching experience for us in our first pregnancy and we really wanted to go through the experience again for our second pregnancy. It was extremely important for us.”


“a different kind of birth, the outcome of a very intense trip within myself… thank you for helping me opening some doors…”


“it is hard to find the right words to describe the happiness, courage, depth, emotions…that each visit to you brought in our lives.  I would simply say thank you, but “with a great big one” as children would say.  With love.”


“I want to say ‘Thank you’, but words don’t reflect the support and richness that you have given us through this approach, which is not only limited to birth but goes way beyond, and is of great benefit for the whole family. Since I can’t find the right words to give it justice, and tell you how much this work has given me and is still giving me today, I would simply say, as Leo, who was the first one to bring this in our lives (and as his little sister seems to believe, too): ‘it’s great’.”


“Thank you to have accompanied us in such a warm way whilst we were expecting our little girls.  Most of all thank you for bringing light and for allowing us to go through this 9 months experience in consciousness and light, these births were a truly magic moment. We are looking forward to seeing you soon again to continue the ‘welcoming’ of our children.”

Brigitte and Philippe

“I would like to add that I have the feeling that since we deepened this affective contact, this little child ahs had the possibility to affirm that he is already different from us. It’s impressive also how I have the feeling that he was immediately ready for this contact from the start, ready to interact with us.  It allows me to discover his personality as he discovers mine, in a very secure and safe way for each of us.  I agree with Jean-Paul : we don’t invent without him, we try to live reality with him, day by day, and of course we imagine, we invent, but in the ‘here and now’. ”


“I am always touched and proud to feel that I can put all my love in my hands, like a flow that goes from my heart, from my soul to the palm of my hands and to the centre of my belly, to my baby.  Feeling that this contact is efficient, appeasing, unifying and bonding for me, my baby and Alfonso, my loved ones… It’s reassuring.  It’s also good to feel that this contact is soothing for the baby and for me. I can also give love to myself.”