“The guidance that you gave us around Valentine’s birth greatly contributed to our living her arrive in serenity, and probably also helped her to appear so at peace.  Valentine is in top form, very bright and aware.”

Yves and Sophie

“Not knowing is a terrible anxiety. When someone answers my questions, it is much easier to evaluate the path to take… and to realize that, in reality, I am not the first one to take it.  Thank you also to have given me a role in this status of father, which sometimes doesn’t feel so meaningful.”


“Thank you for this wonderful preparation for childbirth.  Thanks to you, I learned to know my parents way before I got here. You taught them gestures and words that relax and appease me.  I am a very bright and awake boy.  My parents also thank you for everything.”


“Following a couple of friend’s advice, we began to follow a Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth.  We arrived to our first meeting completely ignorant and somewhat sceptical.  It was a very surprising session, full of discoveries. First I discovered my body. Then I discovered the affective contacts we could have with our little guy, the games we could play with him and also a kind of language of the heart that the three of us developed, through the guidance of our practitioner. This approach brought us closer to our baby, especially Daniel, who became much more conscious of the presence of this little being, his child.  We now have the impression that the two of us are going to bring our child into the world.  We are very enthusiastic. Our friends were right, it’s fantastic!”

Daniel and Nicole

“Words are hard to find to express my feelings.  The first thing that amazed me was to discover a “relational reality” between this baby and me. Before that there were these dreams, these desires, these projects, which were creating a reality “without the baby”, a relation where I was dominating everything… except that I was overwhelmed… Since this affective contact has been established with this “baby-person”, I am no longer in a relation without him.  It is a relationship with him.  This means that as a person, he can also influence the relationship according to his desire, his own moods. Certainly, that changes everything.  There is now a real relationship between us, full of his little story (although already heir of a long prehistory) and myself, the adult, living this relationship in the “here and now” and no longer in the future.  Without doubt, another impression is my joy to already be able to concretely tell him all the confidence that I have in his life, which is beginning. All my “solidarity” as his father, to communicate to him something GOOD, secure, confirming of his personal story which begins.”