Benefits for the mother

The mother, conscious of her baby’s participation in the birth process, can experience the birth as a “team work” in cooperation with her baby.  She helps her baby to be born.

She has been prepared to understand what is happening and how to manage it in the best way.

Feeling accompanied and contained by her partner, she can call upon her inner resources to help her subdue pain. When the time comes, she will open up and be present to her baby, to whom she invites to be born.


Benefits for the father

He learns to accompany his partner, to guide her, to contain her and give her security during labour and delivery.

He is a very active partner during labour and has an important role to play.

He understands and lives the birth from the inside rather than being a spectator.

He learns to guide, reassure and stimulate his baby during the birth process.

Benefits for the baby

The baby feels secure, guided and supported during the entire birth process.

Birth is not a lonely experience for the baby.

As a result, the baby is more empowered and participates more actively.

Through this trial in which parents are “coaching”, the baby becomes aware of his or her potential, competence and develops self-confidence.