Benefits for the mother

She lives a deeply affective encounter with her baby in the womb and learns to know him or her.

She learns how to reassure the baby if she is going through a difficult emotional moment.

She can propose to the father a way of sharing the wait for the baby in a much more concrete way.

She can invite the baby to change its position when it is uncomfortable for her.

She learns to carry the baby in the best way for her pelvis.

She discovers moments of pleasure and happiness as three.

Benefits for the father

He develops a very concrete communication with his baby very early in the pregnancy.

He takes a real place in the baby’s life and they learn to recognise and to know each other.

He can make his baby feel secure and calm when necessary.

He learns to guide the baby in the space taken up in the mother’s belly.

Benefits for the baby

Babies experience the feeling of existing for others, who are capable of listening to and loving them.

They can fill themselves up from the tender contacts and thus develops a deep feeling of self worth and self confidence.

They get to know the two parents and will be able to recognize them at birth.

They learn to discover the world in full confidence, and this even before birth.

All this will allow them to develop trust in others.

Benefits for the couple

Both partners share a deep affective experience together, which will enrich their relationship.

They learn to develop an attachment which is not exclusive and leaves room for others.

They feel recognised by their baby.