In spite of what most people think, a babies in the womb are very interested in what is happening around them. They already uses their sense organs to discover the world (touch, hearing, taste). In Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth, parents lean to make contact with their baby by touch and by voice and to become familiar with their baby’s responses.

In this way all three of them discover and learn to appreciate each other.

The parent’s goal is to make their little baby feel that for them he is already a person, for whom they are waiting with love and respect. Through this contact the baby develops a deep sense of internal security. This approach encourages an early attachment and investment in their baby for both parents,. It helps the father-to-be to become involved in the pregnancy in a very concrete way from the beginning.

Starting from the 12th week (3rd month) of pregnancy, 3 to 6 sessions of learning to play with the baby are be proposed to parents.