Benefits for the parents

After birth, babies are curious about everything.  However, they feel frustrated because of the limitations of their body.  Newborns must first adjust to gravity and then master the movements of coordination in order to explore their body, the objects which surround them and then their space.

After birth we offer parents the opportunity to accompany their babies through little psychomotor games, which the babies can reproduce at their own pace, when they are ready.

Whether it is in the way they are dressed, held, rocked or whether way they are helped to develop control of their movements, what is encouraged is the baby’s awareness of  his or her competence. Once again, the objective is to continue to enhance the baby’s feeling of security. This is why these sessions are very respectful of the baby’s rhythm, without any goal of achievement.

6 to 12 sessions are possible during the first year of life, according to the baby’s and the parents’ rhythm. The sessions usually take place individually or in small groups.


Benefits for the baby

Babies learn to discover and manage their body in a playful and interactive way.

They learn the “instruction book” of the movements that they are trying to control.

They gradually develop a feeling of competence and through that a sense of self-confidence.

They feel supported and understood in their needs for security as well as autonomy.