Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth has been a very enriching experience for us and our baby for our first pregnancy and we really wanted to experience it again for our second child. It was really important for us.  The Loving Touch Preparation for Childbirth of Clarence has allowed Frederic and I to have a very unique and affectionate time with our second baby.  We have also integrated our first-born, Angelique, into it. This has been a way for her to bond with her brother before he was born. A special bond was created between Angélique and Clarence from the beginning of pregnancy.

Around the 31st week of pregnancy we went through some difficult and stressful times caused by multiple contractions. Since we stayed in contact and present with Clarence, we were able to be more confident and reassuring to him.

As the months went on, we felt that the affective bond was becoming stronger and stronger. Clarence very much appreciated our playing with him and we as well.  He loved the contact that Frédéric, Angélique and I had with him.

What still further impressed us during this second experience was to feel how much our baby felt invited during his birth. The fact that he took such a part in his birth really proves it.  In between pushes while I was relaxing, Clarence made strong movements with his head towards my perineum. He, too, was working very hard.  Since birth, Clarence adores being in contact with the people around him and there is a deep presence in his eyes which charms everyone. Once again, we have been astonished to see how deep is the impression that we know him and he know us.